I Heard It Through The Grapevine


I had a funny experience this last couple of weeks and I wanted to tell you about it.

My Husband has had a friend round a few times over the last week – he’s been working in the same Company for over 20 years, is unappreciated, works until 8pm most evenings and doesn’t earn anywhere near what he’s worth. He always moans about his job but never does anything to change his position.

The last few times he has been round I’ve been doing my facebook live sessions on my facebook group (if you want to see these head on over to carmelaweddings.lpages.co/gsd now and join) and while he’s been chatting to my Husband, I’ve been in the background now and then in my office chatting away to my group.

Well it seems that he’s been coached subliminally!

He has told my Husband that after hearing me talk about only having one life and to make the most of it, he has decided to do just that and he has handed in his notice after all these years and applied for another job that he has always wanted (and it’s a world away from what he was doing!) So even without knowing I was coaching him, he’s had a mindset shift. Powerful stuff!

I’m telling you this because this is such proof that so much of what we believe is down to ourselves. This guy thought that his ideal job was out of reach. Of course it isn’t. It’s only our limiting beliefs that make us think that. Limiting beliefs are just a habit and as with all habits, you can learn to change them so that you can release your full potential.

I’ve found during some of my private coaching calls that the biggest limiting belief people have is around money. Even those clients that are already successful can have an upper limit. One client has an amazing business but has never earned more than £100k a year. When we delved a bit deeper, it became obvious that £100k was her upper limit. She had subconsciously decided that she couldn’t earn more than that. No reasons behind it at all. Once you overcome those limits, your earning potential is endless!

So Ladies, I encourage you to think bigger. What my Husband’s friend heard was right. You DO only get one chance at this and none of us know when this adventure comes to an end so you need to make it count! If you’re waking up feeling unfulfilled then you have to make the decision to change. Don’t waste any more time! You’ll look back one day and remember the exact moment you made that decision to really go for the life you wanted and you’ll be so glad you did.

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