How to Make the Most Out of Your Travel Time

I write to you from seat 27a on my flight from London to Malta – not for the first time this year, and certainly not the last. Travelling is a huge part of my job and takes up a lot of my time. All the time spent in departure lounges, on the runway, in the air are hours which I could spend in the office getting work done. So, I decided, it’s time I took the office with me.

Travel time can be the best time to be productive, without the distractions of emails, calls and notifications. With no signal, the temptation to check your messages and social pages has been erased so you can focus on what you need to get done.

Approximately 25% of all travellers across the UK are business travellers, which contributes to a long time away from the office. Here are my traveller hacks for the entrepreneur on the go!


 How to Make the Most Out of Your Travel Time - The Total Guide To Traveller Hacks For Entrepreneurs On The Go

Plan ahead

There are, of course, limitations on how much you can do while travelling, so it is important to plan your time before you go. Sometimes it is not possible to produce work while flying, so you can use this time to input information, rather than output. Reading and researching will be easy to complete under these circumstances, so try to save those tasks (if not urgent) for your upcoming trip.

I’ve spoken before about time blocking, and this can absolutely apply here by planning to complete simple tasks like writing content and catching up on reading.


Charge before you go

As you’re unlikely to have access to a charger until you reach your destination, charge everything before you set off. Most airports have charging facilities, so where possible make the most of these while awaiting your flight.

Fortunately, most devices have a power save mode so ensure this is enabled to make your charge last longer. Airplane mode also helps the battery last longer, as data connections can be a big drain on power.


Work to your space

Planes aren’t the roomiest of places, especially if it is a low fare flight, so you’ll need to prepare for your space. Unless you have a premium seat it’s unlikely you will have room for a laptop, so make sure everything you need is on a smaller device such as your phone or tablet. To sync seamlessly between devices, use cloud-based storage so when you connect to the network again your work will be accessible on a larger device.


Listen to podcasts

I am such a fan of podcasts. They are such a valuable source of information that can be tapped into easily. Travelling is a great time to listen in to something informative or inspirational. A few of my favourites are: Make It Happen, CEO Mastery, She Means Business and Being Boss.


Reap the benefits

There is a phenomenal amount of benefits for travelling regularly. Most airlines and hotels have loyalty schemes so it’s a great bonus to sign up to as many as applicable – however, the best rewards are given for loyalty so where possible use the same supplier regularly.  Some of these schemes are free, however, often there is a small subscription fee on some of the best and the benefits are likely to outweigh the upfront cost.

Rewards include upgrades, additional services, access to exclusive member’s areas or freebies, which can make your travel time more enjoyable and can also save you money.


Offsetting your carbon footprint

While flying you can also help reach your corporate social responsibility goals. It is an unavoidable fact that flying is bad for the environment – planes emit more greenhouse gasses per mile than any other mode of transport. Even though steps are taken to try and make planes ‘greener’, in comparison to green vehicles the difference is minute. Unfortunately, there is no way of eradicating this without completely altering how we travel, but if you are concerned with the global impact, you can offset your carbon footprint to compensate for your emissions by helping fund initiatives which save emissions elsewhere.   



While spending your travel time on work is a great use of your time, don’t forget to allow yourself some time to relax. It’s important to stay hydrated and spend a little time switched off.

The only way to be truly productive is by listening to your body and mind – if it’s telling you enough is enough, then take a break. Close your eyes, stare mindlessly out the window, watch a film… anything to slow your mind down for a rest.

Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of business!


I would love to hear your tips for making the best of your travel time, get in touch with me: