I’ve always known I wanted more. I wanted to be more, experience more, earn more.

I’ve always known I wanted more. I wanted to be more, experience more, earn more. Opportunities were thin on the ground where I grew up so I fell into an office job straight after school. I knew there must be more to life but I didn’t know what so I studied for a law degree whilst working full time. Once I’d graduated, I still didn’t feel like I was on the right path so I tried several other corporate career positions, working crazy 80 hour weeks. Everyone said I was lucky to be earning so much money and to have ‘fallen on my feet’ but I didn’t feel lucky. In 2011 I had twin boys and had to go back to work again when they were 5 months old for financial reasons. I was in a job where I worked long hours, felt unfulfilled and just didn’t get enough time to see my kids.

I didn’t know what to do or how to change things.

I realised the only way to have the life I really wanted was to start my own business while I was working and so my wedding planning business was born. It was something that I had always wanted to do but had never had the confidence to just go for it. I thought it was out of reach for me and so did lots of other people, saying I was a fool starting a business in such a saturated market. I quickly realised I knew nothing about being an entrepreneur and made a ton of (sometimes costly) marketing mistakes. After a couple of years, I was ready to give up. I thought everyone had been right and that I should think myself lucky with what I had. Then I decided to give it one last shot by hiring a business coach. I really wanted to work with her but had spent so much money already on my business that I was broke. I stuck it on a credit card and vowed to give it my best shot.

"Step outside of your comfort zone and learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable"

That's when everything changed!

I learned so much. My coach had been where I was and could tell me all about branding, appealing to your ideal clients, SEO, social media marketing, sales funnels, networking and so much more. She showed me how my own thoughts were stopping me from getting where I wanted to be. I worked hard on my mindset and put into place a plan of action that saw me go from no clients to fully booked with my perfect clients in 5 months whilst upping my prices 3 times in that timeframe.

My business just grew and grew and I started making the amount of money I had wanted to earn all along.

I now have three successful businesses, travel when I want to & if I want to take days off to spend with my kids, I do.


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